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Nov 24 2022 in Marketing, SEO Agency, Small Business

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One of the most difficult aspects of owning a business is marketing it. In our modern age of technology, being able to effectively use digital marketing strategies is crucial to businesses of all sizes.

With so many potential routes for marketing, it can be difficult to know where to put your efforts. This guide will explain search engine optimization as one of the best digital marketing strategies and why it’s essential to increase organic traffic and gain more customers.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy of using keywords and other forms of advertising to boost your content’s ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Through SEO efforts, companies find more success in standing out against competitors and drawing in more sales.

Running an SEO campaign involves actively trying to predict what potential customers will search for that will lead them to your product. Combined with other digital marketing channels, search engine optimization is a highly effective way to boost your business over time.

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Who Benefits the Most From SEO Campaigns?

A good SEO strategy will benefit many businesses across a vast variety of niches. Small businesses in particular can see tremendous results from digital marketing.

As a new business, it’s difficult to spread awareness of the service, especially to a broad audience. Search engine optimization allows their web content to compete against even the biggest companies in search results.

Advantages of Digital Marketing With SEO Tactics

A business that effectively uses SEO strategies can expect the following results:

  • Boosted organic search traffic
  • Increased website traffic
  • Higher conversions
  • Greater online visibility
  • More leads
  • Higher rankings
  • More clients
  • Increased success in listings
  • Better brand awareness and recognition
  • Improved networking within the industry
  • A better understanding of the target audience

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The Most Effective SEO Strategies

There are a lot of ways to use SEO to boost your brand. Here are the most common methods.

Keyword Search

By filling your content with keywords, it is more likely to appear on the first page of search results when potential customers search for that specific word, name, or phrase. You can use keyword optimization anywhere you have written text, so don’t just limit it to your website’s articles.

Google Ads

Formerly known as Adwords, this service allows businesses to place PPC (pay-per-click) ads on Google and partner websites. Using effective SEO, these ads will appear on pages related to a person’s search inquiry.

An example of this is if a potential customer searches for a blue tennis racket. As a company selling tennis rackets, you can ensure they see your ad before viewing competitors. Other PPC platforms have a similar process. However, Google is the top search engine in the world, making it the best platform to advertise on.

Social Media Marketing

While having a Facebook page was once considered unprofessional, it is now a crucial part of any growing business. As you gain likes, shares, and followers, you increase social signals. Social signals are pieces of data collected from gaining more attention and interaction on your web content. The better your social signals, the higher you rank in search results.

Audio-Visual Content

Videos are more engaging than text, and audience retention is one of the best ways to sell a product. A small business can completely transform its online presence with one properly advertised video. Large businesses can produce several videos for various products and tutorials. With SEO strategies, those videos can place at the top of relevant search results.

Link Building (Backlinks)

When executed properly, a link-building campaign will increase traffic by pulling in viewership from where you were cited on other web content. Optimizing these backlinks will raise your rank in search engines when people search for a particular keyword.

Web Development

The most important part of a digital marketing campaign is your website. Gaining more clicks on ads won’t matter if the user doesn’t like where they’re redirected. You need to use an appealing web design with an intuitive user interface to encourage people to stay and explore.

The more engaging your landing page is, the more people want to interact with your brand. Increase conversions by placing plenty of internal links on this page so new customers won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for information.

Local SEO

While you may be tempted to cast your marketing net as wide as possible, it is often best to focus on local SEO. Compared to global SEO, local SEO will only target customers in a specific location. This is great for small businesses that only service a limited area.

However, large companies can also benefit from localized search engine optimization. Having “organic dog food” as your leading keyword will give you a lot more competition than “organic dog food in Raleigh, NC.” In this case, only people in North Carolina would see your ad, but that means it is more likely to be chosen over competitors. You are strengthening your odds from one in a million to one in a few dozen.

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How to Search-Engine Optimize Your Existing Website

Always remember that the first page a person clicks on will be the determining factor in whether they say or click away. Clean up your website to make it more inviting. Fix broken links and ensure you have quality content on each page. You can also create an optimized blog for clients to acquire more knowledge about your business while boosting your business results in search engines.

When You Should Hire an SEO Agency

A marketing agency is irreplaceable when you are too overworked or inexperienced to handle a digital marketing campaign alone. Rather than fumble with complicated tactics, leave it up to a team of SEO experts to optimize your brand on your behalf.

The Benefits of Hiring SEO Services

Putting your trust in SEO companies will give you more traffic and qualified leads without you lifting a finger. Look for a company with more than a decade of experience that understands the latest trends and provides a wide range of digital marketing services.

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Will an SEO Company Land You at the Top of Search Engines?

Possibly! There is no guarantee you will reach the top because so many other competitors use the same tactics you do. Google Ad Auction also stands in the way because it lets competitors pay extra money to get the top result. However, a marketing agency can certainly improve your chances. While you may not be the first result every time, a skilled SEO company can consistently land you on the first page.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

We offer a range of search engine optimization solutions:

  • Technical SEO
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  • Keyword research
  • Analyzing an existing SEO audit for improvements
  • Web development and web design
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • So much more! Contact us to hear everything we can do for you!


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