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Assisted living facilities are an excellent choice for older adults who can’t take care of themselves or live alone. Often, potential clients are the senior citizens themselves or their family members who browse for appropriate care, and they use the internet to do this.

Finding an appropriate facility often focuses on something close so that families can visit and stay together. However, it’s difficult to do alone, which is why these communities require search engine optimization.

You want your senior living community’s website to be at the top of the search engine results page for internet users trying to find this information.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have SEO for assisted living communities, which is primarily focused on targeting potential residents and their families. An SEO campaign is a huge part of digital marketing, so let’s learn more about it!

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What’s Local SEO?

About 46 percent of all Google searches focus on seeking local information. Search engines use a person’s location to find businesses that relate for the search results page. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your company is using local SEO techniques so that people can find your brand, and assisted living facility SEO is the top focus here.

Local SEO helps your brand become visible to people searching for retirement communities on the internet. It uses keywords they might utilize, and you must understand your target audience to get senior living SEO correct. That means you’re showing up in the local listings, which can boost your website’s ranking.

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Why’s Local SEO So Important for Assisted Living Facilities?

A local SEO campaign is crucial because over 50 percent of users type in “near me” when they search for an online company. Most people looking for an assisted living facility want one nearby so that they can be close to their loved one. To be on the first page of the results, your website’s structure must focus on SEO for assisted living.

The first thing to do is to create a free profile for Google Business to showcase your brand on Google Maps. Customers are more likely to visit your assisted living facility if it has an online profile. Another technique is to use specific keywords.

SEO helps you advertise your company for free on search engines. It’s wise to create a free account for Google Business because about 86 percent of all users research the locations of assisted living facilities on Google Maps before anything else.

Consumers tend to trust companies with high-quality images, good reviews, and helpful links. Likewise, you must include photos, direct links to your site, and hours of operation to make the most of this section.

Assisted Living SEO for Senior Living Facilities

When users see the search results, they want the most relevant pages, which Google does in a list of the most relevant first. Most search traffic goes to that first page of the results, so you want to ensure that your senior living website is at the top.

Senior living SEO is crucial for this aspect. When you use appropriate techniques, you boost the credibility and relevancy of your senior living facility website. That increases the ranking of the site in the SERPs.

SEO is an important digital marketing strategy for senior living communities because it increases how many people search your website. Most of your SEO efforts focus on those search engine results pages, which display all the results possible. However, there are other methods you can use based on your needs.

For example, high-quality content, blog posting, and improving the structure of your website can all help with SEO and send more clients to your retirement community.

Relevant Content

Before focusing on senior living SEO, it’s essential to ensure that your website publishes high-quality and relevant content. 

You want to rank higher than the competition, so you need to produce valuable information in easy-to-read formats. This also includes adding descriptions for your assisted living services, hours of operation, and contact details so that potential residents can find you.

Related Keywords

The website itself should have appropriate keywords, but you also need to craft blog post articles and other content to improve your SERP rankings. 

It’s often challenging to find keywords to use and incorporate them correctly, which is why you need SEO for senior living. Community members are sure to take notice of your brand when you create content worthy of their time.

Internal Links

Adding internal links to your articles can help independent living facilities rank higher in Google. These links guide people to other pages on your website to learn more about the services. Overall, your goal is to get them to visit yours and not the others!

The amount of time people spend on your website is a ranking factor, too. Generally, those that rank high are the ones with many users interacting on them.


The basic SEO factor to consider is the structure of your assisted living website. Search engines rank sites with descriptions and images higher than other sites. Make sure you’re including alt-text for the images in your code so that Google knows it is relevant. Alt-text is the description of the picture because Google can’t see photographs. 

You should also focus on writing a title tag for every article and blog to help you attract more residents to your facilities.

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Local Assisted Living Facility Keywords

Including important keywords is a popular SEO method, and the terms are put into the online content to help assisted living facilities rank high in the SERPs.

It’s generally wise to hire an assisted living SEO company to help you find appropriate keywords and phrases.


Independent living facilities and nursing homes generally want to get more leads and see more residents pouring in. The only way to do that is by boosting your search engine rankings with an appropriate senior living SEO strategy.

PFP Marketing offers assisted living search engine optimization and can help you rank high and stay on the right track. Working with an SEO expert ensures that you see more phone calls and can branch out to other services as time goes on.



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