How to Master Dermatology Search Engine Optimization: SEO Tips and Tricks for Dermatologists

Jan 17 2023 in Small Business

As a dermatology practice, you need your patients and potential patients to trust you and your services- but they need to be able to find your website in the first place. The healthcare industry in the US is worth over 800 billion dollars- and dermatology clinics account for 13 billion of it.

SEO and digital marketing strategies can help your clinic get its piece of the pie- and advertise your services in a way that attracts the right clients and grow your online presence.

A Brief Introduction to Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO Services

The clue is in the name: SEO is all about creating optimized content that ranks highly with leading search engines and draws positive attention to your company.

Why Is It Important for Dermatologists to have a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy?

In short, without solid digital marketing, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Your services could be the best in the world, but if your site has poor SEO, new patients may never find their way to you.

What Are the Biggest Challenges Faced by Dermatology Practices in the Digital Marketing World?

1. Most Dermatology Services are Similar Between Competitors- You Need to Stand Out

Dermatologists have many competitors, and they need to set themselves aside. One of the best ways to do that is to have a site that exudes authority, expertise, and reliability.

2. People Can Get Confused Searching for Dermatology Practices Online

More people turn to the internet for almost all their services- but the search isn’t always easy. If someone is concerned about a skin condition, they want to be able to find the answers they need quickly.

There is often conflicting medical information online- so if your site feels instantly reputable, a new patient is more likely to feel safe putting their concerns in your hands.

3. Website Visitors Need to Feel That They Can Trust You

Your online reputation ties directly to your reputation as a dermatologist in the eyes of visitors. It might seem strange, but it is true. A dermatology clinic that shows up first on Google searches must be reliable, right?

Once they find your site, they need to find information that makes them feel comfortable becoming one of your clients.

SEO Strategy Suggestions for a Dermatology Practice

content and seo

1. Focus on Helpful Content First

Strong dermatology SEO starts with quality content. People trust search engines to promote genuinely useful pages- so your dermatology website needs to be filled with targeted, helpful information and posts that relate to you and your clients.

Whenever you create content for your dermatology practice’s website, think about the following:

  • Would a patient that walked into your clinic appreciate what you are sharing?
  • Does the content you are sharing represent your business goals?
  • Is the copy interesting to look at and easy to follow? Does it hold attention?
  • Are your posts qualifying you as an expert in your field?

Treat your website like an outreach clinic for new patients to find out what you are all about- don’t muddy the waters with irrelevant posts that add no value for visitors to a medical practice.

Include helpful graphics, frequently asked questions, qualified medical advice, and things that encourage people to book appointments.

2. Research Your Keywords

Once you have that quality original content ready, you can work on optimizing your use of keywords. Keyword research is essential for boosting search engine rankings and is central to most SEO strategies.

They are what drive traffic and make you visible to your target audience. Dermatology marketing is about standing out as the first choice- and more patients are likely to choose a practice that shows up on the first page of their results.

Your website copy should be authentic, but you can create it in a clever way that draws targeted traffic toward your services.

3. Work On Streamlining Your Website Navigation

If people don’t find what they are looking for on your website in the first few minutes, they are extremely likely to leave and search elsewhere.

Sites may attract users to begin with- but they can quickly lose them. Some ways to ensure people stay on your dermatology website include:

  • Providing a search bar
  • Putting a subject menu on your homepage
  • Sharing links to key information and services
  • Keeping your landing pages simple and easy to follow

local seo

4. Think Local SEO

Local search results are the key drivers for most dermatologists. The chances are that the most viable potential patients are within a certain distance of your practice- and they are likely to be searching for services in a certain area.

Simple ways to boost your SEO rank in your area include:

  • Putting the name of your town in your URLs, headings, and copy
  • Adding local citations
  • Registering your business on Google maps, Yelp, and other websites people trust to find local services
  • Providing your contact information and address so people can easily find or speak to you

Make sure your marketing includes location-specific landing pages and keywords, so when people search for ‘the best dermatology practice near me’, you appear on the search engine results pages.

Consider Mobile Users

More people search for services using their mobile devices than a desktop PC or laptop, and websites that fail to consider this in their marketing strategies are setting themselves up to fail.

One of the best ways to optimize SEO for dermatologists on a mobile device is writing a clear, concise, and attention-grabbing meta description.

Meta descriptions are usually no more than 120-160 characters (including spaces) and sum up what your website is about. Phone screens are small, so having a short punchy line that people can read easily and quickly is a good way to get people to click on your site.

Social media marketing is also one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy. When people are scrolling through Facebook, they are susceptible to marketing- and it is a great time to target your audience.

Your website must be set up with mobile use in mind, and your social media posts should be short and sweet.

dermatology seo strategy


The best way to optimize your dermatology practice’s digital marketing strategy is by speaking with an seo agency for advisor. We are experts in building a solid online presence, and our dermatology SEO services are designed to help you meet your marketing goals.

A dermatology marketing agency can help you boost your SEO- which in turn can help build relationships and grow your client base.



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